CTS MobileSoft


CTS Mobilesoft is focused on bringing specialized mobile applications to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

At the centerpiece of our focus is to provide unparalleled access to information for specific users and groups.  We realize that your time is important to you and that you want your information quickly and easily.

Some of the current focus areas are built around the business experience of the owners and others close to the application development process.  These areas include:

1)  Medical reference tools, built for medical and business office professionals and the general public alike.

2)  Medical business support tools, to be used by hospital business and finance staff.

3)  Financial calculator tools for specialty industries as well as general applications for consumers.

4)  Other reference tools utilizing social feedback technology to build and extend database capabilities.

It is our pleasure to be working on bringing ideas to reality.  Please visit back regularly for future announcements regarding program releases.


What does CTS stand for?

“Consulting the Stones”

Stone has long been regarded as a firm and steadfast material that is able to weather time and nature.   Mankind has utilized this material in buildings and monuments because of its unique properties and strength.

Our pledge is to bring solid, quality products with significant value to our customers.

Welcome to CTS Mobilesoft

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